The Festool drive concept

EC-TEC = More power + intelligence + service life

A sprinter has a unique elasticity, a marathon runner amazing stamina and a shot-putter enormous power reserves. What they all have in common is the perfect preparation for their respective discipline.

The EC-TEC drive concept, specially developed by Festool, works precisely according to this principle. Specifically, this means:


Extremely durable

The EC-TEC drive concept generates an extraordinary amount of power while consuming extremely low amounts of energy. The EC-TEC motor runs without carbon brushes and is therefore wear-free, maintenance-free and extremely sturdy.
EC-TEC durability
EC-TEC Robust

Extremely robust

EC-TEC works with continuous monitoring of all important parameters, such as temperature and speed. If the tool approaches a critical range, EC-TEC automatically reduces the power supply and output to protect it.

Intelligent drive control

Together with the integral sensor system, 12 magnetic poles move the internal rotor within the smallest space, provide updated information on the current status of the rotor, make sure that the motor runs true and the speed is adjusted accurately. 
EC-TEC drive control
Festool EC-TEC motor design

Individual motor design

EC-TEC represents maximum efficiency, productivity, reliability and an extended service life.  Based on this philosophy, Festool EC-TEC is only used in machines where customers can really feel the benefits, such as cordless drills from the T and C series (excluding CXS), the QUADRILL and QUADRIVE series, the drive for CARVEX PS 420 pendulum jigsaws as well as the BHC 18 cordless hammer drill.

Maximum energy utilisation

EC-TEC not only provides maximum power, it also adapts to the working conditions. Special power electronics only ever generate enough energy for the relevant application, which means they save energy and increase battery charging intervals significantly. 
EC-TEC energy utilisation