Finish Delta sander

Delta sander

The application areas for the Festool delta sanders are hard-to-reach surfaces, edges and corners. The powerful portable sanders with a triangular sanding area perform well primarily thanks to their perfectly designed ergonomics. Triangle sanders are ideal for sustained sanding work on a wide range of workpieces. Whether for door frames, furniture, window frames, railing or fences, delta sanders are specifically developed for use on construction sites, in workshops or at the customer's home. These sanders allow for precise working, while also providing considerable durability and absolute robustness.

  • Cordless delta sander DTSC 400
    DTSC 400-Basic DTSC 400 3,1 I-Plus DTSC 400 Li 3,1 I-Set
  • Delta sander DTS 400
    DTS 400 REQ-Plus