Full repair

Your tool, repaired by Festool.

Full repair

Rebuilt and with 6-month warranty on the spare parts, your tool will be back in your hands in no time and good as new. We don’t just repair – we carry out servicing, tests and adjust. Our team of specialist repair service professionals will quickly take care of your tool. And it’s free of charge for the first three years under our warranty all-inclusive.1 

Request a repair

Advantages of Festool full repair

Why we are your best choice if your tool requires repairs.

  • Quick and easy repairs

    Quick and easy

    You can create a repair ticket 24 hours a day.  Tools covered by warranty will receive a pre-paid shipping label at the time you create your repair ticket.  Once received, your tool will then be repaired and returned to you free of charge.  We normally complete repairs within 48 hours once the tool is in our repair center.  For tools no longer covered under the warranty we continue to offer complete factory service.  Shipping your post-warranty tool to us will be at your cost.  Once repaired we will include the return shipping as part of your total repair quotation.

  • Extensive expertise

    Unrivalled expertise

    Our qualified in-house service technicians carry out repairs highly professionally and precisely. Our specialised workshop equipment guarantees top-class quality for repairs. Naturally, we only use original spare parts that are available immediately.
  • Electrical safety inspection

    More than just repairs

    Your tool is comprehensively analysed and tested and leaves our workshop in perfect overall condition.

View of the Festool workshop

  • Spare parts

    Notes and information on spare parts. Find out more
  • Request a repair

    Our team of repair service professionals will take care of your tool so that it quickly back in your hands and good as new. Request a repair
  1. Warranty all-inclusive is valid for all Festool tools purchased from 6th March 2013 onward and registered within 30 days of purchase. Visit www.festoolusa.com/warranty-terms-and-conditions for the applicable Festool Warranty Terms and Conditions. The offer for ‘3-Year Comprehensive Warranty Coverage’ does not apply to damage of consumables and accessories, misuse, damage caused by the use of non-original accessories or spare parts, nor in the case of tools which have been dismantled.