Typical Festool

Robust, powerful and efficient, these features are what we consider to be 'typically Festool' and the reason why tradesmen trust in the reliability and longevity of Festool products.


    Being just good is never good enough.

    The objective of making something perfect and achieving it with outstanding quality. That is typically Festool. And it's also typical of our region, which is full of global market leaders and hidden champions, where Swabian ingenuity, down-to-earth attitude and maximum quality awareness result in unique products and services.

    Our success story

    Family company

    Tradition is mandatory. Family unites.

    As a traditional family-run company, we maintain a corporate culture that is focused on regional roots, high standards, sustainable success, appreciation of our employees and a "sense of unity" in the company. Each of our 2700 Festool employees is part of the Festool family.

    In the picture on the left: Barbara Austel, company partner and granddaughter of Berta Stoll und company founder Gottlieb Stoll

    The Festool family company


    We understand the work of our professional down to the smallest detail.

    With us, experienced tradesmen work in application engineering and in the field of training - experienced professionals in their trades. From the outset, they are firmly involved in the development process of new devices. This is how we build tailor-made machines: Ergonomic, light, easy to use, powerful, extremely robust and reliable. This makes the work more comfortable, less stressful, and faster than before - and that pays off proverbially.


    Tools for the toughest demands

    We specialise in the fields of timber construction, carpentry, painting and renovation work as well as paintwork preparation and finishing. We are experts in these trades. As a result, our tools, accessories and service are perfectly tailored to your requirements as a demanding professional in these trades.

    Our ranges of application


    Uncompromising performance.

    The direct, practical and comprehensive service for you and your tool. Along with excellent tools, we also offer outstanding-quality services. Everything we do is for your satisfaction and your confidence in Festool. Because we are only satisfied when you are satisfied.

    To Festool Service
    Unsere Verantwortung für die Umwelt


    Our responsibility for the environment

    Environmentally friendly behavior is a key component of our values.

    Our environmental vision
    • Company history

      We are proud of our 90-year company history. At the same time, we are continuously evolving to meet the demands of a global future, which is bringing our world ever closer together. To the company history
    • Ranges of application

      Ranges of application

      We specialize in making tools for carpentry, cabinetry, construction, painting prep, and remodeling. We promise perfection. No more and no less.  Discover ranges of application
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      Jobs and career

      You can find all information from our HR department on our Festool career page. More information